There is much more to an organisation than just the sum of the elements implied.

Teatro Riga The network of relationships which holds its components together, represents a Company as well as the individual’s intrinsic qualities. The “systemic approach” proposed by MaieuticaRETE takes this complexity into consideration. Working along with our clients means to get them used to exchange their points of view, look for, give and use feedback, as well as to be responsible for their behaviors within the organisation and to make their own decisions.  We often support managers during their personal and organisational transformation according to the strategic project as well as the applied identity or values. These are the reasons why we believe in the importance of “listening to” the organisation in order to catch its uniqueness. Our proposals are planned “tailor-made”, with attention to the immediate needs and the evolution processes which start considering the time needed to consolidate their improvement, acquire new organisational habits and turn them into shared processes.