Business Analysis and Consulting

It entails the client support to find and use development methodologies and guiding tools suitable for the identity profile as well as the needs and the organisation goals.

NET Diagnosis We evaluate people’s skills and the organisation behaviors defined with the Company, through the collection of a feedback at 360°. Through the comparison between our perception and other key people’s perception on individual behaviors, we define priorities on individual development and start the transformation journeys.

NET-Engineering We help to make decisions for the strategic management of people by both granting the opportunity to evolve and developing awareness and sense of reality in everyone. We have assessment tools tailor-made to specific needs and we promote both the use of direct feedback to manage daily relationships, and the tools for potential and performance evaluation

NET-Intelligence We create organisation assessment tools, applied to the investigation areas pointed out along with the client. Such tools give us the opportunity to read the “organisation situation” and lead to people’s fulfilment.

We support our clients during the communication and evolution phases by involving the key-people and by activating “unusual relationships” through focus groups, working teams and links with their “external partners and referees”.

PIVOT-MAPPING “Assessing the potential means having the elements to foresee the future”. We work along with clients both to identify the core skills regarding their identity and to enable them to identify the same skills in the people they work with, either through the Assessment Center or the Individual Assessments.

For personal and professional evolution, individual fulfilment and teams effectiveness
For a progressive development through new knowledge assets.