We stand up to the professional standards and ethical principles of ICF – International Coach Federation.

Individual Coaching Individual development sessions meant to improve the core skills of different roles and to facilitate the professional growth. 

Team Coaching Entails team projects with both formal and informal teams to build up the identity, develop collaboration and cohesion, overcome barriers, achieve results, consolidate learning.

Executive Coaching It’s focused on top management roles, to facilitate the achievement of an effective responsibility and awareness in order to make decisions and act strategically, manage complex situations and achieve results, thanks to the activities performed with other people.

Virtual Coaching  sometimes, being physically distant may facilitate the getting to the heart and looking back at thoughts. We start right from here in order to create effective solutions by connecting remotely and standing by the people we work with.

Career Coaching Individual support to people who mean to enrich investments or professional experiences to make major changes to their own career either within the Company or through external options.

Induction Coaching We propose projects meant to program, verify and make new managers’ induction easier within the organisation network, during their “first 100 days”.

NETCoaching® The process of organisation evolution by MaieuticaRETE, which can enhance the interacting by improving the network relationships among the people in the Company.   We consider the NETWORK of formal and informal relations and the interactions among the individuals or teams as an integrated system inside the companies.   Through a new awareness and by overcoming and anticipating the conflicts, it is possible to focus on the business targets considered as a common goal, disregarding individual competition in itself.

For the integration of the people’s development in harmony with the organisation system
For a progressive development through new knowledge assets.